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Background – Corben Barnett

My name is Corben Barnett.  I am currently studying Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.  In the past, I have tried and failed multiple times to start a successful blog that I can actually keep up with, but I think that this is the one.  If anything, Spencer will keep you guys entertained in my periods of absence.

My political background is something that only be described as rocky.  I was brought up in an extremely conservative household and grew up in places where I was constantly challenged and tormented by my peers for the views that I expressed often.  I still catch flak every once in awhile for the massive amounts of political tweets that I post, but hey, if you enjoy it, why not talk about it?

Politics has always been something that I have enjoyed debating and discussing with other people, whether they want to or not.  Over time I have learned to be someone who does a lot of listening and not a lot of talking and I have found this to be helpful in situations where I would normally just bulldoze someone and not let them get their views out on the table.  I consider myself a libertarian, and although most of you who read this will know what that means, I will give my definition of a libertarian: I basically believe that the federal government is inefficient and is inherently irresponsible with most of the things that it digs its paws into, so it should stay out of most things that don’t directly have something to do with it.  Thomas Jefferson (my favorite political figure and President of all time) thought that the government should exist, much like Locke did, to protect the rights of the citizens, and pretty much that.  You know, “provide for the common defense, protect the general welfare…” etc.

Where some people get this wrong is they think that “protect the general welfare” is something that gives the government the right to take from those people who have worked for it and give that money to the people who haven’t.  Taxation is necessary, but redistribution is another thing entirely.


Without getting too preachy, I’ll get back to my background.  I have lived in almost every area of the United States over the course of my life.  I have lived in suburbs of Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, and I currently reside in a suburb of Dallas once again.  Why, a sensible human being might ask, am I going to school at a small Catholic liberal arts college in New Hampshire when I have never set foot in a Catholic church in my life and its a school that most people have never heard of and after they read this never will again?  Simply put, the politics department and the lacrosse team.  Going to Saint A’s (as we like to call it here), I have a chance to play high-level NCAA Division II lacrosse as well as get a political experience of a lifetime.  Whenever the primary debates come through New Hampshire, you know that building that they hold the events in?  Yeah, that building is on campus.  I have a class there every Tuesday and Thursday.  Cool right?


Well now you know a little bit about me.  Aside from politics, I love lacrosse, music, and social media.  I am on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and probably just about any other social network that you can think of.  I tweet a lot, and if you’re ok with that, you can follow me at @cbmartist.


I really am looking forward to sharing my views on here and hopefully getting some political writing experience for something that I might want to do after graduation.


By the way, I might vote for Gary Johnson..




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