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The Candidate of Hope and Change for 2012

It’s Mitt Romney. I’ll bet you’re puzzled at that. Allow me to explain.

Romney is the candidate of hope and change for 2012. Why? Because people like me, people who actually believe in smaller government and would like to see the current federal government dramatically reduced in size, have no reason to believe that Romney shares any of our beliefs.

Romney has consistently demonstrated himself to be a spineless weasel of a politician who knows what to say to get elected and has no qualms about saying it, even if it completely contradicts both his prior words and actions. We really have no factual basis to know what Mitt Romney actually believes. That is why Romney is the candidate of hope and change.

We hope that Romney will change. We hope that Romney will grow some backbone, something he has hitherto lacked, and actually change Washington and the federal government. At the very least, we hope Romney will somehow actually implement the mood of the country, a mood of shrinking our debt, deficit, spending, and reducing the scope and power of the federal government.

In short, we hope that Mitt Romney will change into an actual conservative. We want a president who will bravely veto any legislation that includes wasteful and unnecessary spending, vetoes any legislation that creates more bureaucracy, and a president who is serious about reforming the bloated federal government.

Although we would rather have an effective President than one that adheres blindly to his principles, we do not want Romney to be effective by compromising in a way that compromises his principles. Romney has, both as governor and as a businessman, proven to be a great manager and someone capable of getting things done. We hope these qualities will be taken into the White House. I think we will very quickly determine what kind of president Romney is.

That is assuming, of course, he wins.




  1. Justin says:

    Thankfully, you are not alone. There are a lot of conservatives who intend to hold Romney’s feet to the fire after he gets elected. Romney’s record of compromising with Democrats leaves much to be desired, but he has at least been saying all the right things during this campaign. In my opinion, he has shown himself to be a capable and even admirable leader who is on America’s side. At times, Romney actually inspires me. Will he walk the walk?

    I differ with you on one minor point of semantics, and that is “change.” It is the progressives who have sought to fundamentally “change” this nation, when what you and I really want is to “restore” this nation. I think we can also do away with “hope.” Hope for what? Hope that government programs destined to fail will somehow bring prosperity? We know beyond certainty that when we as Americans apply ourselves in pursuit of happiness, we inevitably succeed.

    I don’t see how any campaign could possibly survive Benghazi-gate. If Obama wins, then this country has bigger problems than I thought. The reality, I believe, is that we have received a thorough wake-up call.

    Best to you!


  2. You are right about Progressives being the ones who want to “change” the nation, but I was referring more to the nature of Romney. We hope he will change the political climate in Washington to one that also wishes to restore the values and policies that “made America great” if I may use an overused cliche.-SL

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