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An interesting experience.

Considering that I have nothing to do tonight thanks to Sandy, I will sit inside and post my first official political rant on here.

Friday night, I was on my way to a Halloween party and was riding in a cab.  We all piled in, and I grabbed the front seat because I was not about to sit in the back considering my frame.  I sat down in the passenger’s seat and told the cab driver where to go.

He guessed my costume wrong about three or four times before I had to tell him that I was dressed as Thor for the party and he didn’t know what that was.  Immediately I shrugged it off because he was wearing a Jamaica t-shirt and had a heavy accent.  I tried to make a mental note to not bring anything political into the conversation while we were making the 15 minute drive to the house.  This may sound like a very simple task for the everyday human being, but believe me, it’s tough for me to not talk politics with random people for some reason.

We start to drive, and I ask the question that I have heard my Dad ask cab drivers over and over again for years: “How long have you been a cab driver here in the area?”  I can’t remember his exact answer, but it was something in the area of 20 plus years.  This surprised me, considering he didn’t know who Thor was.

I then asked him another innocent question: “Do you like it here?”

Right then I thought about what the possible repercussions of the question were, and I braced myself for the answer.  He answered with a resounding and very passionate “yes!”

Ok, so now we’ve at least established that he doesn’t hate the country.  He says that it’s the best country in the world and that he would not choose to live anywhere else.  I agree with him whole-heartedly.  I then go on to say that it’s good to hear someone say that they still love this country because of all the flak that the government has been getting nowadays and how people keep saying that they don’t want to live here and that other countries are better than the United States.  He says that the best thing that we as young people can do is to vote in this election because it will be the most important election in the history of the nation.  At this point, I’m really starting to have to clench my teeth together because when we talk about young people and voting, we usually end up going to Obama because he’s still the “hip” nominee.  Then it all starts.

He started talking about how Obama is ruining the country and how he has done nothing good for the country since he took office.  High unemployment rates, food stamp numbers, etc. this guy hit it all.  He then went to say that he was a Reagan Republican and that Romney was the best choice for the United States given the current situation.

This hit me so hard and made such an impression on me because it made me realize that there are still people out there who are willing to work for their money and they don’t want to depend on the government to give things to them.  This guy works the night shift for a cab company, he’s an black Jamaican immigrant, and he’s voting for Romney in about a week.  This, my friends, is a beautiful thing.




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