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The Upcoming Election

It’s almost time to sit down and watch the results come in, and I’m starting to feel a little bit giddy.

This is the first election that I have actually been able to participate in.  I won’t actually be able to vote, thanks to the wonderful world of governmental bureaucracy but I will, however, be able to say that at the end of the road, I did whatever was in my power to make sure that the right candidate got elected.

If Obama gets elected again, then I don’t know what I’ll do.  I’ll probably end up deleting my Twitter account and going into some sort of a reclusive state for a couple months because all of my relentless button tapping will have been for naught.  This is about to be the closest election in the history of the country, and I won’t be able to vote in it so I’ve been doing everything I can when it comes to social media to campaign for Romney and get Obama out of office.

In the beginning, I was sort of wishy-washy about who I actually wanted to be the Republican nominee.  I knew that I liked Ron Paul, and he was my consistent favorite for the most part, but I also liked some of what Newt Gingrich said and I liked some of the stuff that the other candidates said (with the exception of Rick Perry).  I knew that Romney was probably going to win the nomination just because he appealed to most of the moderates, and I knew that if Ron Paul was to miraculously win the nomination, there was no way that he was going to stand up against Obama in a general election.

After the primaries were over and both of the major parties had their nominees, I moved over to my libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.  I knew for a fact that he was never going to win, but after reading up on what he truly believed and wanted for the country,  I thought that he was the best candidate for what I wanted for the nation as well, and I didn’t really like either of the candidates for the main parties.

Then I watched that first debate, and I sort of woke up.  One of the main reasons that I don’t like Mitt Romney is because of his overly conservative viewpoints when it comes to social issues.  However, we aren’t in a place right now as a nation where social issues should be the issues that dictate who we choose to run the country.  We should be making decisions based on fiscal policy.  And since my #1 priority is making sure that Obama does not have another 4 years to continue to screw this country over, I think that everyone with a brain should vote for Mitt Romney to be the next President of the United States.



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  1. I think that if Ron Paul was to receive the Republican nomination then during let’s say the debates, his socially “liberal” (for lack of a better term) views would appeal greatly to the younger generation and his ability to discuss fiscal conservatism as a positive, personal freedom and minority equality promoting, economy stimulating philosophy, would finally lead fiscal conservatism to become understood instead of construed as a racist, rich helping and poverty hurting political ideology. I disagree that his looks would keep him from the office. I am however positive that the republican party would never allow him to become their nominee for president. I am unsure where I’ll place my vote…..libertarian, from my heart, or Romney, to prevent the more rapid distraction of our country. As far as Romney is on social issues, from what I’ve seen, I would like to think that though he personally holds very rigid beliefs and his party wants him to promote and fight to have these views become more then personal freedoms to choose or not choose from but actually legislate away the right to decide for oneself, he has a record of being fairly moderate on social and fiscal issues. He is likely to accomplish a balanced budget and reduction of our debt, hopefully accomplish a speedier recovery by finding ways to have the economy stimulate itself faster then the stimulus injections, etc…all because he has business sense and is good at working across the isle….but he’ll likely back off on legislation on social issues that create any degree of outcry large enough to register…..though he personally may want certain “moral” laws he isn’t and hasn’t proven to be much in the past to have been the type to force unpopular laws down the people he governs throat….I hope I’m right anyway….well take care

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