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Election Day

I know that this goes without saying, but today is one of the most important days in the history of the nation.  The outcome of this election will determine the direction that the country takes for not just the next 4 years, but possibly the next 10 and beyond.

If Barack Obama wins the election today, we will go in the same direction that we have been going for the last 4 years: downward, backward, and against everything that we stand for as a nation.  Mitt Romney, although not the ideal candidate when it comes to social issues, will take us in a new direction, one that gives us the chance to rebuild and to start regaining our past luster.  After attending his final victory rally in Manchester, New Hampshire last night, I am thoroughly convinced that with his Five Point Plan, we can star to take steps in the right direction in his first 100 days.  We have the chance to build a better future for ourselves and for those who come after us if we vote for the right candidate today.

I recently found out that you are able to be registered to vote in two different states, as long as you don’t actually vote in those two states, so I will be voting in New Hampshire today.  This is exciting for me because I now get to vote in a swing state, and I also get to vote for a gubernatorial candidate that I have seen debate twice live, and I get to help get two more Republicans get put back into the House in two of the closest HoR races in the country.  Both Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass have been there for a while and they are now in a close race to go back to Washington, and I get to help them get re-elected.

Of course, the most important election of today will be the general election.  Once again,  I cannot stress the importance of getting out to vote, and then voting for the candidate who will actually lead us in the right direction.  Romney is the candidate who has a solid plan that doesn’t include scare tactics, and has a plan who will actually work for us.

If you’re like me and you’re a college student, if you want to have a job when you graduate, whenever that might be, then elect Mitt Romney into the White House.  If you want to still be living with your parents until you can finally find a steady job, which may not happen if the unemployment rate keeps rising, then please, by all means, vote for President Obama and keep the country going in the same direction that it’s going in today.



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