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Thoughts on Election Night…

Being in England, I am five hours ahead of the East Coast; eight hours ahead of California. For me, Election Day is already over. Yet, as I sit here in the dark, I cannot help but wonder what is happening on the other side of the world where the sun still shines. We potentially have only a few crucial hours left before we know who will be the President of the United States. Or, we might not know for several days, since there could be wave after wave of recount in Ohio or some other key swing state where each presidential candidate is within hundreds of votes of becoming or remaining president.

Either way, I am very pensive tonight. I am pensive because I cannot for the life of me understand on what merits Obama should deserve, let alone receive, a second term. The killing of Osama bin Laden is the only thing which comes to mind and, assuming Obama should rightfully be credited with that achievement…it’s not like Osama will be killed again if Obama gets a second term.

Regardless of what happens in the future, today is a day of choice. It really is. That choice is, to a large extent, merely symbolic, but it does have meaning. We can today choose big government, or we can choose to grow the government a little slower.

I think people who are on the fence have the wrong perception of Romney and his message of smaller government. Romney is not for no government, he is for less government. We will still have roads and bridges. We will still have a government to help us in times of disaster. We will still have courts and police that punish lawbreakers, be they men with guns or men in suits. We will still have teachers; we will still have men to put out fires. We will not, however, have a government that tells us we can’t drink a big soda. We will not have a government that tells us what kid of light bulb we can and cannot buy. And, as any true libertarian knows, we will not have a government that says “No, you cannot have birth control.”

To reelect Obama is, potentially irreversibly, to declare that we want a government that places more emphasis on protecting us from failure rather than enabling us to succeed. That is not the ethic America was founded upon and it was not that attitude that “made America great”. The Pioneer Spirit, one of entrepreneurial adventure and the keenness of endeavor, the idea that anything is possible if we put our thoughts and effort to it, is being eroded, and it is being eroded by the forces Obama supports.

Or perhaps I am exaggerating everything and four more years of Obama will merely mean four more years of government graft, four more years of a slow economy, and four more years of a really annoying media completely in the bag for the man they are supposed to be scrutinizing. I don’t know. All I know is, I don’t like the way things are going, and only one candidate offers even a dim glimmer of hope for a change for the better. I just wish there was a country the libertarians could go to live out their vision of proper government. America really is one of the last vestiges of limited government, and it could be slipping through our fingers.

I think that’s enough self righteous rambling for one night.-SL


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