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Consequences of the Election

The reelection of Obama is a tremendous blow for Conservatism and the ideas of Limited Government. It is not the death of Conservatism. It is, no doubt, a monumental setback which, if we are not careful, could very well lead to a death spiral from which neither the Limited Government nor a party of Conservatism (sometimes known as the Republican Party) will recover. The election result of course was a gigantic disappointment for me, made all the worse by the glee of Liberals. My initial response was to drink heavily, which I did. After I came out of my drunken stupor, I began to wonder: what will be the consequences of Obama’s re∙election be?

I will endeavor to answer this in several forthcoming screeds, starting with Obamacare.

First of all: four more years of Obama will not be the end of freedom and will not see the establishment of tyranny and oppression throughout the land. Instead, Obamacare, having passed the Supreme Court, will become permanently entrenched. The benefits will kick in, and, as a result, it will become as permanent a bad idea as Social Security is today. Obamacare will be tremendously expensive, it will be an enormous drag on the economy, it will be as poorly administered as the Post Office (at best), but future Congresses will be unable to kill Obamacare simply because voters get “free” stuff. And voters like free stuff.

So America is stuck now with a watered down, piss-poor excuse of Britain’s NHS. The only difference is: the NHS actually works to some extent. Not to mention the fact that Britain is an island nation of some 60 million people whereas the United States is a continent sized nation of some 310 million people and a country that shares a porous border with a third-world country. Our only hope is that Obamacare is so unworkable it simply collapses, or the government is forced to kill it, but that will take at least a decade, and it is much more likely to happen only in twenty, thirty, or forty years’ time, if at all.



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