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Reaction to the Re-Election of Barack Obama

The last couple days have been rough.  I will always remember the disappointment I felt when I sat there and watched CNN predict the outcome of the election that early in the night, and hearing all the yells of triumph coming from down the hallway of my dorm building.

Before the election, I constantly campaigned against the President’s views and his policy and tried as hard as I could to turn undecided voters via social media and the like.  I talked to friends that didn’t know who to vote for and tried to get them to vote for Romney, or at least to go and vote for someone.  I think that in my efforts, I turned many people who were on the fence about voting for someone like Romney who the media made out to be an elitist asshole who hated poor people and didn’t know anything about how the other half lives.

Now that it’s all over, I feel like all the campaigning that I did was for nothing.  I abandoned my endorsement of Gary Johnson pretty early on because I realized that my first priority should be to get Obama out of the White House rather than just going for my own views.  I tried as hard as I could to put social issues in the backseat of the election and try to think solely about economic issues and just try to get the best candidate for America elected in Mitt Romney.

Despite my efforts and all the time that I spent trying to get people to vote Obama out of the executive branch and trying to get Republicans elected to Congress so that we could try and undo all of the horrific things that Obama has done to the economy in the last 4 years and try to begin a recovery, we failed.  I know that the efforts of one man cannot change the course of an election, especially if it’s someone  who’s just a lowly college student with minimal training in the way of political electioneering and persuasion, but I still feel like it let the Romney campaign down to a certain extent by not going out into the field more often and actually being there and making calls.  I chose to stick to my computer screen.  In the future, I’m not going to make that mistake.  I’m going to be the one who doesn’t sit at home and think that he can change the course of an election from the comfort of his dorm room or his couch, and I’m going to go out and make a difference.

A lot of the kids my age that voted made the wrong choice in this election.  They don’t know it yet, but when they have to go and live with their parents after they graduate, they will know that they made the wrong choice.  At that point, I feel like it will be too late for the country to make a comeback, and when we drive off the fiscal cliff, won’t have the European Union to come and bail us out like Greece did.  We’ll have to go to war and try and fight off attacks from the inside and the outside, whether they be physical or political, for all the money that we have borrowed and wasted.

I guess that there’s no use sitting here and worrying about it now.  I just have to keep pressing on and make sure that Obama doesn’t do anything significant in terms of expanding the power of the federal government for the next 4 years.



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