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Consequences of Obama’s Re-Election, Part II

The single biggest consequence of Obama being re∙elected will be the unabated continuation of illegal immigration. The reason for this is because by the time 2016 rolls around, the Republicans will, more or less, be unable to win any election without at least contesting the Hispanic vote, since the Hispanic vote went overwhelmingly for Obama and by 2016 Hispanics will constitute a large portion of the electorate.

What that means, in simple terms, is that Republicans will have to give up fighting for border security and embrace amnesty, which means that the question of amnesty is now a question of when, not if. All of that, however, is assuming the American public will not have a “voter’s revolt” when talk of amnesty begins to be bandied about in Congress. Americans are mostly opposed to amnesty, as are many Hispanics and immigrants legally in the country. Let’s review a few stats, as provided by Rasmussen:

  • 59% of likely voters believe that the “policies and practices of the federal government encourage illegal immigration.” Only 23% disagree (Rasmussen, September 2011).
  • 72% of likely voters believe parents should be required to prove they are legal residents when registering their child for public school; only 21% oppose such a requirement. Only 32% believe that children of illegal aliens should be allowed to attend public school in the U.S., opposed to 53% who disagree (Rasmussen, August 2011).
  • 81% of likely voters oppose granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens in their state, with 12% supporting tuition breaks for illegal aliens (Rasmussen, August 2011).
  • 66% of likely voters say that gaining control of the border is more important than amnesty for illegal aliens. Only 27% believe amnesty is more important (Rasmussen, July 2011).

Given these numbers, there is some hope that amnesty will not occur, but when Democrats have as large an incentive as they do to make amnesty a reality, as I will elaborate upon later, amnesty could very well happen. Besides, these are polls of likely voters and if larger and larger shares of Hispanics are voting, these numbers may already have changed. Although, a poll of Hispanics by the University of Virginia found that the most important issue was the economy, with some ~40% ranking that is their number one priority. Less than 5% said immigration was the most important issue. So, again, there is hope that amnesty will be stopped and the borders secured, but we will simply have to wait and see. However, with many saying that the Republicans should just completely abandon their current stances on illegal immigration if they hope to ever win any election again, by the time 2016 arrives, there might not be a party to represent the majority of Americans’ opinions on this issue.

The Media, and Liberals in general, are quite excited about the fact that America is becoming less white, for reasons neither elucidated upon by them nor entirely comprehensible to myself. Let me insert the standard disclaimer: I have no problem with the United States not being a non-white majority country, and before continuing to read this screed, I recommend that you read my stance on immigration.

I have no problem with legal immigration, mostly because legal immigrants like, or love, America and what it stands for. I don’t have anything against illegal immigrants as individuals necessarily, I just think it to be a bad idea, in general, to allow anyone or anything across your border without knowing who or what is coming in from a third world country rife with violent crime, corruption, and poverty.

The implications of the darkening of the electorate are pretty dire for Conservatism. The nature of illegal immigration prevents the normal pattern of immigrants rising in economic standing (which is best enabled by the policies of Limited Government), seen in every immigrant group ever to arrive here (other than African-Americans who were brought here involuntarily and for centuries were prevented from participating in the American economy).

Illegal aliens only receive the worst paying jobs and live in fear of the law. This prevents them from integrating themselves into American society, as all immigrant groups have at some point done in American history. So, because of illegal immigration, we now have a large body of Mexican nationals that is neither learning English nor rising in economic standing.

If they could vote, they would, at least in theory, vote Democrat since the Democratic Party is the party that supports amnesty. The Democrats are also, rightly and wrongly, known as the party of ethnic minorities. So, now that Obama and the Democrats have four more years to consolidate power, as well as four more years of decreasing numbers of white voters, they have a much better chance of actually granting amnesty.

Once that happens, the formerly illegal aliens will potentially vote in huge numbers and will permanently tip the scales in favor of the Democrats, at least in the Border States. That however is enough to guarantee that the Republican Party, in its present form, will never gain power again. Of course, that is not guaranteed to happen. It simply could happen.

Keep in mind that right now there is nothing to stop the illegal aliens from voting anyway, despite the Constitution saying explicitly that only citizens may vote. That is why the Democratic Party’s opposition to Voter ID Laws is naked self-interest merely dressed as concern for minorities. Of course the media is more than willing to spread the myth of how the “evil” Conservatives and Republicans are trying to disenfranchise voters and that anyone who would support Voter ID Laws is a bigot, even though the majority of Americans support voter ID laws. That, however, is a discussion on The Media, which I will write out shortly.

The Democrats, despite their reputation as being the party that looks out for ethnic minorities, in fact has no real reason to help the illegal aliens in any way. Here’s why:

Right now, the illegal aliens are almost entirely desperately poor. The Democrats call themselves the party that will help lift the illegal aliens out of poverty and also end the “repression” imposed upon the illegal aliens by the “evil” Republican Party. For these reasons, the naturalized illegal aliens will always vote Democrat, thus cementing the Democratic Party in power (and let us not forget that the only thing politicians of any political stripe ever truly desire is power). Once in power, and assuming democracy is kept intact, the Democrats need illegal aliens to keep voting for them. If the lot of the illegal aliens should improve dramatically, there is nothing to guarantee that the illegal aliens should continue to vote democrat. If illegal aliens start to run small businesses, for example, or enjoy many of the other fruits of American middle class lifestyle, they will eventually run into the barrier imposed by large government: high taxes, red tape, bureaucracy, etc. Once economically liberated, illegal aliens may very well come to see the Democratic Party’s policies as being more of a hindrance to success than they are helpful. Thus is the reason why the Democratic Party wants only to provide the vote, not economic advancement, to the illegal aliens.

This has been an exhaustive explanation of why the Democrats will continue to allow illegal aliens to flow into the country and why we can expect at least a push for amnesty. The Republican Party is the vessel to oppose amnesty, but they will not oppose it unless we the people make it clear that we oppose it.



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