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A Tuition Prediction

Prop 30 passed. We vehemently opposed it before it passed and we continue to oppose it now that it has. We say that it is a bad idea that will be executed poorly and make the present situation in California, which can only be described as terrible, worse. At the very least, it won’t help anything.

Prop 30 passed with huge support by college students, mostly because they seem to think it will prevent UC/CSU tuition from rising…again. This is despite the fact that it was said in the actual voter’s guide that the funds raised by Prop 30 will go to the General Fund-not education.

So, with the government’s propensity to spend voluminous amounts of money intact and their unwillingness to cut anything from the budget equally preserved, we here at TWACS are making the official prediction that:

Tuition will be raised on UC/CSU students before the end of 2013.


Conservatives and libertarians love to say “We told you so.” As the years go by, this will likely be the first of many opportunities to say “We told you so.”  -CB and SL



  1. CSU Student says:

    I would like to let you know that my college, which was directly affected by prop 30 has rolled back tuition. They are sending every student a refund of the last tuition hike. I would have to disagree with your prediction.

  2. And the Zen Master said: We’ll see.


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