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The Media: Where can we really go for unbiased and true political news anymore?

No matter where we look nowadays, we have someone trying to stuff more knowledge into our face and they’re usually trying to press some sort of agenda that they have a vested interest in.  We can’t just think for ourselves anymore, and this can be partially attributed to the fact that since these news outlets that we usually go to are so easily accesible, we as a nation have chosen to just listen to what they say and not really think much more on the matter.

If you’re a Republican or a staunch conservative, you probably go to Fox News, the Washington Times, the Drudge Report, or the New York Post for updates on the political happenings of the world, and if you’re a Democrat or a liberal, then you probably just go pretty much anywhere else.

There are other outlets for conservatives, don’t get me wrong, but they just aren’t typical news outlets.  They’re usually single-issue interest groups or things of that nature that will post thing that are specific to their agenda and nothing else.  But I’m not here to argue for the increase in the amount of conservative news outlets.  God knows that we don’t need any more Fox New’s running around.

What I’m concerned about is that lack of completely moderate news sources.  More often than not, when I read an article, I can immediately detect a political bias when I start to scan it.  I don’t like the fact that anymore it has become impossible to simply report the news and let the people decide what they think about it.

As stated in my previous post about third parties, people today have started to make uneducated decisions about who they vote for for different public offices.  They make their choices based on things that may be important to them, but really aren’t what is pressing the country at the moment, or they don’t have any sort of valid reason to make the choice besides the fact that their parents or their friends told them to vote for a certain candidate or they just think that someone is more attractive than the other.  Those kinds of people are what make me re-consider whether or not we should re-institute the literacy test to be able to vote.

My solution is this: challenge the viewpoint that is being expressed.  Whether or not you believe in what is being said or whether or not it supports your point of view, go and check the facts.  Make sure that what is being said is true and that someone isn’t trying to sway you one way or the other through faulty information or empty rhetoric.  I’m sure that if we did a fact check on everything that both of the presidential candidates said during this last campaign season, we would find just as many lies on both sides of the ticket.  Politicians lie.  It’s what they do.  They are in the business of getting votes and moving people over to their side so they can win elections.  They are not there to tell the hard truth because if they did, they would be ostracized and nobody would like them.

The fact that these candidates have been forced to sit there and lie just so they can get into office is appalling, and it is once again a product of the fact that we as a nation are unable to process anything past what is being told to us by the media.  We need to start to think for ourselves.  If we as a people take an active role in holding the government in check by calling them on their bullshit, then we will start to hold the power again.  The government was put in place to protect the rights of the people that elected it into power, not the other way around.  The government ultimately answers to the people above all else, and if we start to make more informed and educated decisions about who we send to Washington or who we send to our state and local government hubs, then I will bet you my left leg we will start to see these problems that we are seeing today start to disappear.

The Founders, contrary to popular belief, did not create a nation that was supposed to be RUN by the masses.  If that were the case, then we wouldn’t have lasted more than 20 years as a nation.  The Founders wanted to have a representative democracy (or LIMITED democracy, not a true democracy as we love to say that we are) where the views of the minority would be able to have a chance to be heard over the majority and everyone would truly have a say in government.  That has changed today because since we don’t do the research and we don’t make the efforts that we should to make sure that our government is staying accountable to us, the people, above all, they have started to institute a system of government that simply doesn’t work.

If we start to read the numbers and start to work out the logic, then those people who believe that it is the government’s job to take from those who have money and have worked hard for it and give it to those who don’t have money (and in many cases haven not worked for it) will start to realize that that is a really stupid idea and that YOU CANNOT MULTIPLY WEALTH BY DIVIDING IT.  It simply doesn’t work.  Logic, if anything, says it doesn’t.  Robin Hood has and never will be a good example of how to run a government.

If we want more examples, look at nations that are overly socialized with more of the upper classes paying into entitlement programs that re-distribute wealth to the lower classes.  The idea behind it is one that makes people get all warm and fuzzy on the inside, but once again, IT DOESN’T WORK.  The nations that have been overly socialized and have succumbed to the pressures of unions over the years are now in economic recessions that dwarf our own, but if we keep down the path that we are on we are headed in that exact same direction.

To summarize: educate yourself.  Make sure that you are not just listening to the news and reading those posts from the most popular media outlets.  There really aren’t that many middle-of-the-road news outlets anymore, so you’re going to have to make your own.  Go to independent fact-checker websites and make sure that the things you are reading or watching to hearing (even if they are from your own party or someone who allegedly aligns with your views) is true and has been checked over by someone who has at least claimed to be a moderate.

We are past the stone age of news where we have to believe everything that we hear or read on TV or in the newspaper because there’s no other option.  We are in the information age, so let’s use this vast network of information that is at our disposal to our advantage to change the world we live in and become a more informed and educated people.




  1. pearly says:

    three words Corben. British. Broadcasting. Corporation….at least until the recent scandals and leadership shake-ups there. Aside from that NPR, despite the fact that everybody seems to think they’re under some type of liberal-government control (utter bullshit i assure you), is often pretty balanced, usually with multiple sides of an issue being represented. Plus it’s public broadcasting i.e. no corporate entities pulling the strings to get their personal message across (see Rupert Murdoch…).

    -PE (and don’t pretend you don’t know who this is Pippi 😉 )

  2. Jay Barnett says:

    Is anyone, ever, able to simply report news? Don’t our own perspectives always drive us to some extent, and therefore taint both what we choose to talk about and what we choose to say about it – journalists, or not? Maybe what we need is a public capable of critically assessing both their own biases and those driving their information sources, rather than a sterilized reporting process. Ah, but again, that would require us to think rather than simply allowing someone else to do it for us.

    Politicians? Maybe they avoid telling us the truth because we’re a people that don’t like the truth. If we really loved reality so much, would we stare at $16 Trillion in debt, and then re-elect a President that has been adding $100 Billion a month to the debt? What if either of them had simply looked into the camera and said, “Fellow Americans, the hole we’ve dug is so deep that we are going to have to raise taxes slightly, and cut spending signficantly to start reversing this trend – and it’s going to hurt…” Would we have elected him? If G.W. Bush had told us that we needed to raise taxes and cut domestic spending to pay for two wars, would we have re-elected him?

    As I consider your article, what I take away may go exactly to your point. Maybe media isn’t the problem because they’re giving us exactly what we want. Maybe politicians aren’t the problem for the same reason. Maybe the problem is that we’re not the thinkers we need to be in order to maintain our liberal democratic republic, maybe the problem is simply us.

    Good write up.

  3. Jay Barnett says:

    I’m a regular NPR and BBC listener, but make no mistake, they both have a noticable left lean. I’d also recommend that you check out the debates here http://intelligencesquaredus.org/ whenever you have a chance. Great substantive debates.

  4. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  5. great post! loved it and will come back 🙂

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