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As some of you might know, my permanent residence is in Plano, Texas just north of Dallas.  I live in a pretty conservative part of town and I know a lot of people who voted for Romney in the last election, some for the right reasons and others for the wrong ones.  A lot of my friends and family were shocked and disappointed when Romney lost the election this time around.

This is understandable.  I personally thought that the people of the United States would make the right decision this time around and learn from the mistake that they made 4 years in election President Obama into the White House.  I honestly thought that we couldn’t possibly elect him to another term, despite what the media was telling me.  Then he got elected again.

I was a little heated for a while as I thought about how it’s going to be night impossible to find a good job when I graduate now, but I won’t get into that now.  The fact that my home state and several other states in the United States have started to sign petitions on the White House website that say that they want the President to grant them a peaceful secession from the United States of America is truly appalling.  Sure, I’ve joked about it a couple times and thrown up a couple heated tweets about it in the past, but I never thought in a million years that a petition would actually go up AND get as many signatures as it has.

The fact that someone wants to sever all ties with the country that allows them to actually say something like that without the fear of being thrown in jail for treason is astounding, once again.

I think that nullification is the way to go if we want to really get our voices heard.  Those states that really don’t want to have the federal government as involved in the lives of their people as they are today should do so through a more mild form of rebellion.  In California, the medicinal marijuana issue is a perfect example of what states should consider doing rather than seceding from the Union.  If the Affordable Care Act starts to really take a toll on a certain state and they believe that their state doesn’t need it, then they should choose to not abide by that law, even if they federal government says that they have to.

Nullification has some very bad connotation because of what it has been a part of over the years.  Nullification was what originally started the Civil War, and what halted the progress of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s because those states in the South that didn’t want to recognize the new laws that were being passed to integrate blacks into society.  At it’s core though, nullification is something that should be a right for a state.  The states know their citizens better than the federal government does, and certain states will be affected in different ways by legislation than others.  If a state feels like a piece of legislation should not apply to them or hurts them more than it helps, then they should be able to voice their displeasure in the passing of that piece of legislation by passing their own law that overrides the federal law in that state.  This, of course, brings up the argument that the supremacy clause states that federal law is the law of the land and states have to bow to federal law whenever it comes into conflict.  However, the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution gives all powers that have not been delegated to the federal government to the states.  That means that since the federal government has no power to regulate certain things or to do certain things, the states can protest a decision that oversteps the bounds of the Constitution by passing their own law to override the unconstitutional federal law.

This is a tricky situation.  The country right now is in a state of complete division and turmoil, and any sort of spark right now might set it off and start an internal conflict that could turn violent.  I would urge anyone that reads this to first think about what might happen if we take a peaceful route and voice our opinions through peaceful protest and through legislation rather than rash action and emotional preaching that doesn’t do anything but divide the nation even more.



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