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John Roberts, you really screwed up.

The Affordable Care Act.  Better known as “Obamacare” to those who follow the mainstream media as their main outlet for political news.  The Supreme Court ruled on the ACA this June and declared that parts of it were constitutional.  This puzzles me because I have read the Constitution.  I am not as well versed in legal theory and precedent as the honorable judges who preside over the United States Supreme Court, but I like to think that I know the basic gist of most of the Constitution.

This June, the Supreme Court (namely Chief Justice John Roberts) made a massive mistake.

They expanded the power of the federal government to a point that we have never seen before.  With this decision, the Supreme Court declared that it was constitutional for the government to impose a tax penalty on those who do not participate in a government program that would decrease the quality of care that they are receiving apart from the program.  I’ll say again, those who do not participate in the government-provided healthcare program are PENALIZED after 2014.  This means that those who are able to still pay for their own doctors and what not will have to pay extra taxes to the Internal Revenue Service so that they can give the money back to the government to re-distribute as they please.  This tax penalty is so far BEYOND unconstitutional that it’s a wonder that it was even thought of in the first place.

The fact that this passed the Supreme Court opens up a whole new realm for the government.  They can now impose tax penalties on states and people who do not follow federal law, but are acting in accordance with state law.  There are states that are refusing to adopt the Affordable Care Act as a part of their system, but are allowing for their citizens to make the choice without having a penalty imposed on them.  This form of nullification is now something that can be penalized under this new decision.  The same goes for states that have legalized the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana.  If the federal government wants something to happen, they now have the power to tax just about anybody they want until the person either gets arrested for not paying the tax, or they give in and start following the federal government’s rules.

This presents a problem for most of the citizens of the United States.  I for one do not want to be completely subject to laws that I think are unjust and decrease my standard of living or of healthcare just because the federal government says that it’s the best thing for the country.  If the federal government gets the power to just tax people into submission, then what does that say about where we’re headed as a nation overall?  We can’t keep going in a direction that expands the power of the federal government to new lengths and allows for new expanses of government power because we’re going to end up in a socialistic state and start to turn out like Europe.

One last thing: I wanted to personally call out John Roberts.

You were put on the court for a reason.  Given your judicial background, we expect you to make rulings in favor of individual rights and state power versus expanding the power of the federal government.  You had a chance to make a statement that the people of this country will not subject themselves to a government that constantly tramples upon their rights and liberties, and that there has to be a limit to what the government can do and interpret their way into doing.  You failed.  You failed your country and the people that you were chosen to represent.  I can only hope that you will realize the gravity of your mistake and find a way to overturn your decision before you leave the court so the damage can be minimal.  This state that has been created where the people think that the government owes them something and that the government should take from those who are better off and give it out to those who are not is not a state that can be sustained for long.  I hope and pray, once again, for a change of heart on the part of yourself and the rest of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.



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