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Climate Change

I don’t know what made me write this; I simply had a brainwave.


“So, are you a climate change denier then?”

Well, no, mainly because I will not deny that climate changes. The climate always has changed and always will change. In the past several hundred thousand years, which is basically nothing on the geologic timescale, the planet has been through several distinct ice ages. And man survived them. The humankind that survived the ice ages had no technology. Agriculture had yet to be invented in the time of the ace ages, and yet humankind endures to this day.

Climate changes; it is a fact, and I will not deny that over the past 100 years we have seen a broad climate shift by about one degree Fahrenheit. If the climate changed when man didn’t even have farming mastered, then it is certainly reasonable to say that the climate is now changing and mankind may potentially have something to do with it. It is unreasonable though to say that we are the cause of it, either secondary or principal. We might be the sole reason why the climate has changed, we might be insignificant to climate change, or we might be somewhere in between, but we have no way of knowing.

We also have no way of knowing if we possess the ability to reverse climate change. More alarmingly and more to the point, nobody seems to be asking if we should reverse climate change. Who says the present climate is the best? Maybe warmer temperatures will mean longer growing seasons and more food for everyone on the planet? Maybe warmer temperatures will mean previously uninhabitable areas will be made suitable for development, allowing people to escape impoverished and crowded cities and live better lives in new territory?

But most importantly of all, even if (and that is a big ‘if’) we should reverse climate change and assuming we can reverse climate change (a likewise big assumption), none of the ‘solutions’ proposed for climate change will have any impact on climate. Instead they will merely make us poorer and make the government bigger. And when you talk about what is the biggest threat to humanity, it is and always has been a lack of wealth and the abuse of government power.

Climate may, perhaps, someday, far in the future, pose a significant threat to humanity. In the meantime, and for the rest of my life and my children’s lives, the biggest threats to our well-being and livelihood will be our ability to earn a living for ourselves and to live free of government coercion. All climate change related legislation does nothing but expand the scope of government, its powers, the ease of abusing government power, and restricts economic liberty (the ability to earn a living for oneself).


Which is why we are and remain climate skeptics opposed to action on climate change, be it immediate action or eventual action.



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