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Tidbit/Press Release

“President Obama’s ‘common sense’ proposals are anything but. They will do nothing to curb gun violence; they will merely restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to protect their homes and families. We need only look to Obama’s hometown, Chicago, which has the strictest gun laws in the country and not incidentally more than 500 gun murders last year, most of which were committed with handguns, something only tangentially addressed by the President’s executive actions-if at all. To let Obama’s proposals pass will do nothing but take away the rights of law abiding citizens and empower law breaking criminals. To reject Obama’s proposals is not an insult to grieving families nor is it a rebuke to those who want to see legitimate solutions to gun violence put in place. No, to defeat Obama’s proposals are to defeat ideas that are neither practical nor constitutional and it would be the rebuke of a president who sees a tragedy as a political opportunity to check off a box on a political agenda, not to actually accomplish something meaningful.”-what I would say on all the news shows and talk shows if the Republicans would hire me to be their spokesman.



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