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These three acronyms in the title of this post stand for three Presidents that I believe have done more to discount the ideals that this country was founded upon than anything else.  These three men, it could be said, have brought our current situation upon us over time.  They have facilitated an attitude of entitlement and of dependence that has brought us to the predicament that we now face in which we are about to go over a theoretical “fiscal cliff” and we are being crippled by our debt to China because of the amount of money that we have been forced to spend domestically on programs that we didn’t have enough money to pay for in the first place.

Most people might argue that FDR did what he had to do.  He bailed out banks, instituted programs that would insure people’s deposits, etc.  He, according to most history books that are in print today, brought us out of the worst depression that this country has ever seen, and he did it through the legislation that he enacted.  That simply isn’t true.  The legislation that he enacted during his FOUR terms as President of the United States only increased the power and size of the federal government and allowed them to be able to do so much more to redistribute the wealth in the U.S. later on.  He set very dangerous precedent that started to turn the wheels on the entitlement machine and started to make people in the United States think that the government owed them something in the way of monetary compensation for being out of work or being unable to support themselves on their current salary.

In reality, the Second World War, as much harm as it did, actually brought us out of the Great Depression.  The fact that we now had huge industrial and military demands after the attacks on Pearl Harbor meant that we could now provide jobs and wages for those who needed them.

LBJ, many years later, perpetuated the same thought process that the government should intervene when things get bad and try to make them better, when in actuality they really make them worse.  JFK had actually drawn up the plans for the different programs that were enacted during LBJ’s presidency after JFK was killed, and had called that collection of programs his “New Frontier”.  These programs would later be enacted after JFK was stonewalled by a Republican-majority Congress when LBJ used JFK’s coattails and the fact that he was assassinated to guilt the Congress into passing the various programs that would again increase the scope and power of the federal government to new highs and would further give the American people a framework upon which to build the idea that the government has the obligation to take money from those who work to earn it and give it to those who haven’t.

Let me pause for a second.  That last sentence is a very incendiary one and might cause some backlash from those who already think that I’m an elitist (which I’m not).  That last sentence is very true.  Any dollar that the government takes from you or anyone else that has worked to earn it and gives to someone else through programs like Medicare and Medicaid and other entitlement programs is a dollar that was given to someone who didn’t work for it.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t working, but that means that they are now getting that dollar that was yours.  They did not work for that dollar.  You did, which means that you should be able to keep it right?

And now onto our current Dictator in Chief, Barack Obama.  In the last 4 years, he has done nothing but spend taxpayer money on things that are too expensive and then when the money runs out, he’s gone to China to borrow more and try to pay for the programs that way.  Also, through his proposed healthcare reforms, he hast started a trend that might lead to the ultimate Euro-ficiation of our country by making it possible for the government to tax just about anything and to try and once again take money from those who have earned it and give it to those who haven’t.

Our national debt has gone through the roof because of the rampant spending and borrowing that the Obama administration has taken part in over the last administration.  Now, with the fiscal cliff looming, he wants to increase taxes and try to make the American people give up their hard-earned money to pay for the things that we couldn’t pay for in the first place instead of trying to cut spending and decrease the size of the federal government.  If the government wasn’t trying to do so many things so inefficiently as it has done in the past, then our debt wouldn’t be half the size that it is today.  Private industry and organization will always operate more efficiently than government because of the overall lack of red tape.  By de-regulating business and decreasing taxes, you put more money into the hands of those people who are creating jobs, then those companies who now have more money to spend will now invest in more capital and will start to hire more workers.

One thing I thought was really funny was how when the fiscal cliff deal came out, everyone was so surprised that taxes were being raised on not just rich people, but everyone.  That was so amusing to me because people actually thought that the increase in taxes solely on the wealthy was going to be enough to try and reduce our debt.  The fact is, when taxes are raised, everyone gets hit.  Hopefully this is a wake-up call to those who voted for Obama once again in November.  Change your ways or more of your money is going to be gone when you need it most, no matter who you are.


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