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Inauguration Ratings

The Huffington Post ran an article, here, where you could almost feel the saliva dripping down your neck as the author frothed at the mouth over the fact that FOX News came in last among the cable news networks for the Inauguration Ceremonies’ ratings.

While I am sure Liberals will all cry with joy and exclaim the beginning of the end of the bane of their existence, FOX News (which they see merely as an arm of the equally hated Republican Party), I don’t see it that way at all.

My theory would be this: the Inauguration took place at noon (for the east coast at least) on a Monday. People who watch CNN or MSNBC are a bunch of slackers who were sitting on their asses at home, either on welfare or working for the government (Monday was a federal holiday). FOX viewers, on the other hand, are people who work for a living (and are therefore better people), and don’t have time to sit at home on a weekday and watch a Kenyan Marxist be sworn in as President.

For those of you who couldn’t tell, that last paragraph was satire (mostly).

In all honesty, I don’t think anyone should be surprised that FOX came in last. Those most excited about the Inauguration (and therefore most inclined to watch it live on TV) are largely liberals. The vast majority who watched live are almost certainly Obama supporters at the very least, and therefore not likely to watch FOX News. Conservatives/Obama Opponents watch FOX; everyone else watches every other channel. And since Conservatives/Obama Opponents largely did not watch the Inauguration, FOX came in last among the networks. Pretty common sense I think.




  1. liz says:

    two college studets who wrote this article, please stay in school and try to educate yourself so you won’t sound so uneducated and stupid. you are talking about something that is far out of your range. remember you are using my tax money, use it wisely.

    • I don’t believe that this is something out of our range. This is an opinion blog, and my colleague stated his opinion. The fact that his opinion did not align with what you believe to be true is no reason to try and call us uneducated and stupid. Also, for the record, SL is attending a school in the United Kingdom and I am attending a private college with no federal help so your tax dollars are not helping either of us.


    • As Corben correctly pointed out, I am in Britain at the moment. I would further point out that I am not using “your” tax dollars since I am not using dollars at all. To say that though would assume you are an American, and I would prefer not to assume that, since it would reflect poorly on the United States.

      I would instead beg of you to use some real intellectual effort and actually put into words and articulated thought what about this post is so indicative of my ineptitude. Just how are we out of our depth? Please use reason and rationale and not emotion.


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