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Live Free or Die

There are those who believe that the government knows best.  They believe that the government, because it is inherently smarter, more efficient, and more established than the individual, knows better how to conduct the lives of the citizens that it represents rather than the citizens themselves.

This, of course, is a falsehood.  Those in government and those outside that believe that the government knows better than the individual have been taught that by the educational system that they were brought up by, whether that is a formal public education, a private education, the world itself, home schooling, or whatever.

It is a product of something I like to call “the uncrossable divide”. I believe that there are two types of people who see the world in two different ways and if you see the world one way you cannot see it the other way. Liberals see the world as perfectible  but it can only be perfected by a select few, a select few who need control over the remainder if they are to perfect the world. As a result, Liberals believe the collective is always superior, in the end, to the individual, and that therefore the individual must sometimes be coerced or not given a choice because it is “what is best for him” or it is for “the greater good”. Conservatives and Libertarians take a more tragic view of the world, that the world cannot be perfected because human beings are themselves imperfect; we are flawed beings. Therefore to grant control over the many by the few would be merely to grant power over the flawed people to the imperfect rulers. Hence why we always repeat “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Since everyone  is as equally imperfect as everyone else, simply in different ways, authority does not have any special exemption. We believe it is the individual who can best run his or her own life, because while they might screw it up, someone else running it for them will definitely screw it up. We want to live freely, to choose for ourselves which path we take as individuals, not have our options limited for us by others, our paths predefined, and our actions dictated to us by some flawed authority figure on high. That’s what freedom is all about.


CB and SL


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