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Obama, you’ve done it again.

And so I sit here on this fine Tuesday evening thinking about what I just saw, and I’m just as disgusted as I was a year ago.  Barack Obama has not changed his ways at all.  He’s stood in front of an entire nation of people and spit empty promises and emotional malarkey that sounds good on TV but does terribly on paper.

The biggest things that stood out for me were 1) increasing the minimum wage and how he thinks that’s going to help the economy, 2) the way he talked about gun reform, 3) the fact that he spent so much time on social issues, 4) his idea of immigration reform and 5) his “super cool innovations” and different training/education methods that he thinks that the government should back up.

1) Ok, so he proposed increasing the minimum wage.  Earlier in his speech, he talked about an economic plan that helped out the middle class so that they were able to have just as much of a chance to get ahead as anyone else.  The middle class is based on small businesses.  Small businesses are, by definition, small.  That means that they don’t have that much money.  These businesses are struggling as it is (which the President has talked about extensively) and he thinks that raising the minimum wage to $9 will somehow bring these small businesses out of the strife that they have endured for so long?  How will taking more money away from them bring them out of hard times?  I don’t see the logic here.  The same goes for big corporations as well.  If you take money away from those who are creating jobs through taxes, higher wages, etc. then they don’t have as much money to spend doing things like innovating and expanding so that they can hire more people.

2) His little tirade on gun reform was so stereotypical Obama pathos.  He sat there and spit out all these examples of times when people have been killed by guns in the last year, and got everyone watching to cry and think about how terrible those incidents were.  I’m not saying that those incidents weren’t terrible because they were.  However, the reforms that he and his party have put forward go beyond just trying to make the United States a safer place to live and move into the territory of infringing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of these citizens that he preached about at the end of the speech.  The fact is, guns don’t cause violence.  The people on the streets that obtain them illegally are the ones that are going out and killing each other and other innocent people in some cases.  The different school shootings that we have seen recently have been incidents where someone who was mentally unstable got ahold of a gun that wasn’t registered to them and went and shot up some innocent people.  The ones who go through the legal process of obtaining guns that are about to be banned if the President has his way are not the ones who are going and killing people.  They’re the ones who are hunting with them or using them for self defense or storing them up for when the zombies come.  If the government institutes a ban on assault weapons in an effort to try and reduce gun violence, the ones who use them to kill people on a regular basis are still going to get ahold of them despite whatever the government does.  Banning drugs didn’t do anything but the government is apparently insane at the moment and wants to just keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting that the result will change.

3) The moment that the President started to talk about women’s rights, I immediately thought that he was kidding.  Here we are in a state of economic decay and near meltdown with our DEBT (which he disregarded as a serious problem when he says that debt reduction is not a valid way to grow the economy) only becoming more and more prevalent with each second that passes and he’s talking about women’s rights in the workplace and the Violence Against Women Act that the beloved (in the sense that a zoo animal is beloved) and scatterbrained VP Joe Biden drafted 10 years ago.  This hasn’t been something that we’ve talked about recently or seen in the news, and yet he decided to just pull it out of his ass and bring it up randomly.  Did anyone else see that woman (I should probably know who she is, but I don’t) that was just sitting down and shaking her head while they showed all the women standing and clapping?  This isn’t a pressing issue, and it shouldn’t have taken up that much of his speech.  If he wanted to mention the Act as an example of bipartisan participation, then fine.  Don’t sit there and try and campaign for women voters during the State of the Union Address.

4) I was actually very surprised with the President when he started talking about his idea of what immigration reform should look like.  I do believe that we should make it easier for those skilled immigrants coming in to become citizens and help to boost our workforce if they want to come and truly become Americans.  The fact that he mentioned making new immigrants learn to speak English made me so happy because this is something that I have harped on for so long.  So many of these immigrants, skilled or not, come to the United States and spend so much time here without ever learning our language and they never really have to because we cater too much to those who don’t learn it that they never really have a reason to learn.  I think that “putting more boots on our border” should be discussed at the state level rather than the federal level so that the federal government doesn’t end up spending more money, but that’s just me.

5) All this talk about these high-tech training facilities and stuff and being at the front of the next manufacturing, technological, or scientific innovation that changes the world is all well and good, but where is the money really coming from?  Private investments would be so much CHEAPER and would be more efficient because companies with a bottom line that has to be met will be more inclined to make smart investments on projects and research that they believe will actually work rather than the government funding every save the world project that comes along.  The education reform section of his speech was also very hard for me to watch because all I could hear was “I WANT MORE OF YOUR PARENTS (AND SOON TO BE YOUR) MONEY.”  Private education, if it was more readily available, would become cheaper and more effective for those who wanted to actually get their kids to a school that was going to make them ready for higher education or for a job.  Also, the huge influence of teacher’s unions has done a number on the education system in the United States.  If the government would stop listening to the requests of the radical hair-brained people that head those unions and giving tenure to those teachers that don’t really care about their job and just want the government benefits, then the system would run a lot smoother, would cost a lot less money, and would be more effective because those teachers would get fired.  The introduction of more private interests into schools would start to increase accountability and effectiveness of schools as well because once again, private organizations have a bottom line that they have to meet and will do just about whatever is necessary to make sure that it is met or exceeded.

I’ve probably forgotten something that I wanted to talk about but this is what I’ve come up with so far.  If I remember something later, I’ll post it.  I’m going to end with this: the President said that we needed “not a bigger government, but a smarter one.”  Well, Mr. President, I would ask you the question that Kid Cudi asks himself: “When will I ever learn from the words in my songs?”  Or speeches, for the sake of this argument.

Thank you and goodnight.



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