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Sequester – Tidbit

With the “sequester” only two days away, those in government cannot ignore it any longer.  They cannot put these cuts off any longer.  They have to do something about the rising debt NOW, or the country is going to go in a very negative direction.  The fact is, we’re going to have to compromise.  Once again, the c-word is not something that everyone loves to hear, especially when we’re talking about issues within the economy, but the federal government is going to have to cut spending in some places and raise taxes in others.  The fact that we’re going to have to actually come to some mutual agreement on what to do about the current debt situation is what scares me.

Our government has become nothing but a shouting match and nobody wants to make a deal.  We have to make it known, somehow, in the next couple days that we are not going to tolerate anything short of a comprehensive compromise that helps both parties and somehow moves to the middle of the political spectrum.


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