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Sequester, pt. 2

So today’s the day.  I woke up this morning and knew exactly what the date was instead of having to ask someone before I wrote it down on my Chinese test.  Today is the First of March, and it will go down in United States political history as one of the darkest hours of our government.

Today, our government begins making arbitrary cuts to defense/foreign spending and domestic (excluding the big money-guzzling entitlements) spending, all on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  For every dollar that is cut in foreign spending, a dollar is cut on the domestic side as well.

Normally, as a libertarian, I would be overly ecstatic with massive spending cuts, but the problem is that the cuts also come with more tax increases and they also came about through some horrible politics.  The fact that those who we have elected to serve us in government couldn’t just come together and agree on a way to take a balanced approach that would be best for the country and get this thing done to appease both parties is beyond disgraceful.  Instead they have taken the easy way out and will basically screw us all over because of it.

Honestly, if I had it my way, we would clean house.  Everyone would be gone.  We would start from scratch.  Nobody who is currently in any sort of political office would be able to run and we would hold a massive re-election effort to try and clean up the horrible trash that has accumulated on Capitol Hill and the rest of Washington.  Our representatives are not doing their job.  They have failed us time and time again and refuse to work with both sides to come up with any sort of solution to the problems that we are dealing with.  There are very comprehensive ways that these problems can be solved, but the politicians are too afraid to do anything radical because all they care about is being re-elected.  Being a politician is cool, and they want to stay a part of the cool crowd.  It’s like high school all over again, except now they’re playing with our futures and they refuse to respect that fact.

Washington, you exist to serve the people.  We do not answer to you.  We elected you so that you would answer to us.


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