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Sequester Madness

We the people should be outraged. But we don’t give a shit. I apologize in advance for the excessive formatting, but it is a physical manifestation of the deep seated outrage I have at the Federal Government right now. This is not temporary “ow, some idiot smashed my thumb with a hammer” rage, this is the sort of permanent rage that will remain with me until my own wrong has been righted.

Most Americans, polls show, aren’t paying attention to the Sequester idiocy. While I understand their apathy, their deja-vu, their feeling of “Oh, it’s the same old crap every time”, I have to say: this is different.

I am not talking about the artificial budget crisis; that is the same-old-same-old. Frankly, sequester is stupid, but if it’s the only means of addressing our out of control fiscal policies, then so be it. If it truly is the only way we can even begin to pretend to cut spending (since the so-called “drastic cuts” are little more than reductions in spending increases) then so be it. The government will still grow, just slightly slower than the government wanted. THESE ARE NOT CUTS: THEY ARE EXPANSION REDUCTIONS! But that is how every “cut” is made in Washington. Nothing new there.

What is different this time are the warnings of dire consequences because of these .5% cuts in the increase in spending. This is what we should be outraged about.

The entire government apparatus is refusing to bend to popular demand and mathematical reality. We must reduce spending and begin to pay down our debt. But what happens when a faction within government asks our government to even nudge itself gently in that direction?

The sky is falling, we will have to release all the rapists from prison, put them in your children’s classrooms because we fired all the teachers, fire all the air traffic controllers and replace them with Al-Qaeda terrorists, tell all the TSA people not to let the line move at all (so in other words, nothing will change, although frankly if the TSA can be made to feel some pain, I would be willing to put up with longer lines), the military will have to lay down its arms and then hand its arms to the Taliban, old people will be turned into Soylent Green, babies will be ground up in food making machines, the food then not given to the starving poor, etc.

So because the representatives we the people elected politely asked our government to make slight non-cuts to the spending, what does the government do? It extorts the citizenry.

This is what we should be outraged about: all the government warnings and threats are nothing short of extortion.

The government can make do with what it has, it can cut smartly in places that won’t be missed, it can reduce itself in a way that will not be felt (in the same way you don’t feel a giant boot being taken off your chest). But it does not do this, instead the people at the helm  make the cuts in the worst way possible in a blatant attempt to scare us into giving in and letting them spend more, in a shameless attempt to make our lives so miserable by denying us “essential” government services that we cry uncle and let them continue in their reckless ways. It is extortion, plain and simple, and we the people should not be fooled by it.

We should instead stand firm, we should stand up to these bullies and pull a Winston Churchill: “We will NEVER surrender!” I don’t care if the Republicans get blamed, we cannot allow this to work! Damn it, I hope the Republicans stick to their guns and say that these cuts, though painful, are necessary. If they do then I think people will genuinely see through the scare-tactics and the bullshit of the government.

Unfortunately, I think the Republicans are lead not by Winston Churchill but by Neville Chamberlain, willing to bargain away the lives of the children for “peace in our time”.



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  1. civillib says:

    Loved this! If more people would start looking what was actually cut and what is still being wasted, this sequester would have a whole different flavor. My favorite whine is the about the poor 8th graders that won’t get to the White House. Now, I like to hear that lesson in Civics class.

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