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Response to Zerlina Maxwell’s comments about arming women

So Zerlina Maxwell went on Sean Hannity’s show last week to discuss the fact that we are disarming the women of the United States when we shouldn’t be.  The topic was introduced when a clip was shown from a hearing on gun control measures in Colorado and a Democratic state senator named Evie Hudak (I chuckled the first time that I heard the name, and laughed out loud when I saw the face that went along with it) basically dismissed a woman’s claim that she would have been able to prevent her rape if she had been able to carry a firearm with her on that night because “the statistics were not on her side”.  The woman was arguing that people should be able to carry firearms on college campuses to prevent things like rape and campus shootings from happening.

Zerlina Maxwell took the argument in an entirely different direction and said that the conversation should not have been started in the first place.  She said that she didn’t want men telling women to do anything (feminism at it’s finest) and that a gun was not the way to solve the situation.  She stated that in her case, the person who raped her was someone she knew so she wouldn’t have been able to bring herself to shoot the person.  She also said that the problem is not that women are unable to defend themselves, but that men are being brought up in a society that makes them want to rape.  She advocated creating and expanding programs that teach men not to rape in order to solve the problem rather than better preparing women to defend themselves.

Ok, so here goes the liberal logic.  If we just create more programs and spend more taxpayer money, we can solve any problem that the world throws at us!

The fact is, there are evil people in the world, and there will always be evil people in the world.  No teaching or programming will change that.  If a man decides that he is going to do a terrible thing and rape a woman, they will do it regardless of what someone says to them.  The same goes for just about any other crime.  If someone walks onto a college campus with the intention of opening fire on a group of people, they are going to follow through with their actions and no amount of “please don’t”s are going to change that.  The only thing that would deter that individual from committing that act would be a gun being pulled on them and potentially fired at them if the need arises.  There have been countless instances (more instances than the media has chosen to broadcast and talk about) of people using firearms to protect themselves, their families, and their property from those who have wished to inflict some sort of harm upon them.  The only way to truly deter someone from committing a crime such as rape or a school shooting is to put that fear in the back of their mind that they might be walking into a situation where someone else is armed and could take them out at a moment’s notice.



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