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Gun Control, pt. 2

So the fact is, gun control is actually still a huge debate topic in the United States.

First off, I really don’t know that the government mandating background checks is something that needs to happen.  The fact is, the government already asks states to give out background checks whenever there is a firearm being sold to an individual.  The only problem is that the laws are not enforced and so therefore there are people getting guns that should not be.  This, however, should not be something that the government should enforce.  This should be something that the dealers should take charge of and try to make a change on.  Let them have access to the databases for background checks so that someone can be screened before they buy a gun.  Make that process easier and things will go more smoothly and it will happen more often.  Also, let private entities start to issue gun licenses.  They will start to do more thorough checks on mental stability for their patrons because they have to worry about liability.

It bears mentioning that background checks are a good idea, but they are not foolproof. The Tuscon and Aurora Shooters both passed background checks while the Columbine Killers had their girlfriend-who did pass a background check-buy guns for them. Also, we should be worried about the precedent set by “universal” background checks. Do we really want a government that can involve itself in every transaction between private individuals? How would we like it if the government suddenly required universal background checks for book sales? After all, we can’t have just anybody reading dangerous authors like Ayn Rand, George Orwell, or Friedrich Hayek can we? We need to make sure those ideas don’t end up in the wrong hands.

I think a good way around this would be to require that anyone going to a gun show submit to a background check before hand-or better yet, don’t require it but instead have all the gun show operators require it. This way, we know that anyone going to a gun show has passed a background check but they can still make a private transaction, from one citizen to another, without the government nosing its way into our lives.

To those who believe that a ban on assault weapons is a good idea, I would like to say that you are horribly wrong.  Banning any sort of weapon at this point is a bad idea because then it sets up a slippery slope.  By banning something that is currently that broadly defined, those in government can start to move toward even more types of weapons and soon nobody will be able to legally carry a gun.  In every instance throughout history where the citizens have been disarmed, the government has started to take too much control and has begun to murder its citizens.

CB and SL


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