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As I sit here and write my essay about earmarking for one of my classes, I can’t help but think about my opinion and it pains me to have to hold it back slightly.

Earmarking is an evil process.  The whole thing glorifies and solidifies the idea that taxpayer money does not belong to the public, but that the government and those who are actors in the system own the money and can do with it what they please.  This is something that I take issue with.

Once the government justifies taking money from the people in the form of taxes, we then trust it to do good things with the money and be responsible.  We trust that the government will invest that money in things that we as constituents and citizens of the United States of America will benefit from on a daily basis.  However, this has not been the case.  Recently, the government has not been very frugal with taxpayer money and has been spending it on all sorts of programs and projects that 1) have nothing to do with the bills and legislation that they are SUPPOSED to be passing through and 2) do not have any sort of effect on the lives of the everyday citizen.  The legislative branch is supposed to be the one that is closest and most responsive to the people and their needs, however the average member of Congress nowadays is more concerned with getting re-elected rather than doing their job.

Members of Congress have an obligation to their home district that says that they will do things to help the people back home.  By taking money from the pot that everyone pays into and spending that money on something that has nothing to do with anyone outside the member’s home district, what good does that do?  The money is literally disappearing when it should be used to finance any number of programs that the government has deemed it wise to create over the years that now need funding, and we’re having to go somewhere else to find the money instead of it being right there where it should be.

The people of the United States cannot shoulder the burden of this debt for any longer.  We, for the most part, are not lazy, incompetent and uneducated.  We are a determined and driven group of individuals who will work until our hands fall off to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.  We are the vast majority of the people in the United States who do not rely solely on the government to provide for us and will stop at nothing to make sure that our personal liberty is protected above all else.  We are the ones that believe that government is the problem, and that smaller government is the solution to that problem which means lower taxes, spending cuts galore, and an overall reining in of the federal government that has told us for too long now that it knows better how our money should be spent instead of letting us live for ourselves and spend our money the way that we want to.



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