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On the subject of the West, TX Factory Explosion

I’m from Texas.  I don’t live close enough to the town of West to have been affected by the explosion that happened there that is still being dealt with, but I do have something to say to defend the situation and to defend Governor Perry and the people of the State of Texas.  Immediately after the explosion, liberals took to the Internet en mass to try and make it look like the incident was the Texas government’s fault for not making sure that the plant was closely regulated enough to make sure that something like that didn’t happen and that the plant was safe.  These liberals also said that Perry was a hypocrite for “asking for federal aid” after the explosion after he said that he had wanted to leave the Union when President Obama was re-elected, and for wanting to get rid of the EPA.  The EPA wouldn’t have been able to stop something like this, and here’s why: human error.

The only thing that can describe what happened in West, Texas is the word “mistake”.  Humans make mistakes.  There’s even a commercial about it (and everything we see on TV today is true…right?) that details all the stupid things that we can do as humans.  Liberals always like to use the line “you can’t legislate morality” when talking about social issues that the conservatives usually take strong positions on such as abortion, stem cell research and gay marriage.  The line that I would like to throw out there for consideration is: “you can’t regulate human nature”.  We’re imperfect beings and we will make mistakes regardless of the amount of regulation that is in place to make sure that we don’t.  Completely automated systems make mistakes even.  There are things that go wrong all the time and sometimes they end up with catastrophic consequences.  However, that does not meant that there is something that the government can do to fix them.

Once again, the self-regulating society is the more productive and strong one because something like this explosion can be attributed to human error and the country can mourn and move on instead of trying to use the government to fix the problem and further complicating the process by making it harder for things to get done and introducing more inefficiencies and regulations.

-CB & SL


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