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My Libertarianism

What am I? I am a libertarian, but why? Because individuals lead the best lives, by which I mean lives of material comfort and internal satisfaction or “happiness”, when they are left free to pursue that which they wish to pursue. The larger a government becomes it cannot help but by its very nature obstruct the pursuit of happiness by some individuals, and eventually, as government continues to grow, many individuals. It is the nature of government to grow continually if not checked by the deliberate efforts of those concerned with freedom, and it will eventually grow to the point where it obstructs all individuals from pursuing happiness, save the lucky few who hold the reigns of power in government. When no individual can pursue happiness, that is oppression, and when the government cannot be reformed to restore freedom, that is tyranny. Under oppression, people lead wretched, miserable lives in perpetual fear of being extinguished by the government. It is this which I wish to avoid, and it is for this reason I am a proponent of limited government, freedom, and liberty, or, as it is known, libertarianism.



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  1. uprise1991 says:

    One day soon, maybe our fellow countrymen will wake up to the great farce called the Twp party system. Their lies will only get them so far. Great post.

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