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The Contradiction of Liberals

The government is slowly but surely running out of money. I could go on at length about the Federal Government’s various expense projections, unfunded liabilities, and the rest, but I will spare you for interest’s sake. Instead, rest assured that on our present trajectory, our federal government will eventually be compelled to spend more money than it could possibly collect in taxes. When this happens, bankruptcy will surely follow, and when that happens it is quite possible that the federal government will simply cease to function.

Now, given how important Liberals seem to think centralized government is to daily life, one would think that Liberals would be willing to make a few cuts (or even many cuts) to government today in exchange for an assurance that it will continue to function and expand tomorrow. Yet the majority of liberals today want to fight any and all cuts in government spending tooth and nail; they seem to think that the current size of government is always the perfect one and is, if anything, too small and too stingy.

This triumph of tactics over strategy and this inability to see the larger picture is proof, to me, of the irrationality of modern liberalism, how it is almost a cult that demands complete ignorance of facts, logic, and reason. Or perhaps we are the blind ones? Perhaps there is some grand (secret) liberal strategy of which I am unaware and yet is so fantastically brilliant in accomplishing the goals of the Left that Liberals are willing to make themselves look like imbeciles until the moment their plan succeeds. I doubt it.



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