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Where we’re at.

The past month or so has been quite the political roller coaster for the present administration, but it’s one of those roller coasters that doesn’t exist.  The entire time that you’re on this fictional roller coaster, the car that you’re in is going downward in an endless, fast-paced, gut-wrenching free-fall that seems to never end.  Scandal after scandal after scandal has been uncovered to the point that (I know it’s a little late, but give me a break) JOHN STEWART of all people went on television and bashed the IRS and Obama administration for their malfeasance.  This was all before the NSA stuff got leaked and everyone found out that the Patriot Act was a real thing and that the government was using it to do illegal things.  I know, it’s shocking that the government would do ANYTHING to infringe upon your rights as an American citizen.

The fact that we’re going through this stuff right now doesn’t surprise me.  I knew that it was only a matter of time that someone found out that we were really in trouble and that the government was overstepping its bounds in a huge way and people would finally realize what was going on.  It just so happens that it took a lot longer than I expected, and now we’re in a pretty difficult situation.  We have an NSA agent that has leaked information and then fled to China because he was afraid for his safety in the United States (so he fled to.. China.. Nice choice man.  I heard they love transparency over there.  What’s that?  Oh I can’t hear you over the CENSORSHIP) and we have all this stuff still being hashed out over the IRS and whether or not it was legal for them to target organizations that were affiliated with certain political or religious groups for extra scrutiny (or whether they did it at all [joke intended]) and the Benghazi scandal is still being forced into the limelight by most conservative outlets.  On top of gun control and all of that other fluff.  Wow.  This administration is having to juggle about every constitutional violation ball at once and is now having to explain itself as to WHY they thought it was a good idea to try and disregard the Constitution that made sure they have a job, which was written under the assumption that if it was violated, the people of the United States of America had the right, no, the obligation to rise up and TAKE DOWN THE OPPRESSIVE REGIME.

That being said, I don’t think that we have reached that tipping point yet, that oh so crucial point at which we as American citizens are, as I said, obligated to take action. (The NSA only read the part before this and is now monitoring my computer for further activity that might point toward revolutionary action.  I might try and hit a couple sites just to mess with them.)  There are still things that can be done to prevent further violations and to either reform or nix the programs that have done so many things wrong over the years, provided the government allows those things to happen.  The minute that the administration starts to move even more toward an oppressive, fascist model and starts blocking reforms that would take more power away from the government or starts to increase power and centralize it in Washington, we will mobilize.

Libertarians have started to gain more momentum lately.  I have seen it happen on social media especially because people are starting to realize that the less government, the better.  The famous quote from Thomas Jefferson is “That government is best which governs least.” (Even though after some digging I found out that we actually don’t know for sure who said those exact words.)  I think that should be our guideline from here on out.  The government is not there so that we have to bow down and answer to whatever it says.  We don’t have to follow its laws if we feel that they are unjust and not worthy of the populace.  This government is “by the people, for the people” and it needs to stay that way.  These men that sit in Washington all day and overstep their bounds and infringe upon our natural rights as citizens and as human beings need to be reminded that they are servants above all else.  They serve us, the people.  The people of the United States of America.  We are not the faceless masses that must do the bidding of our lords and masters; we are the millions of Americans, each an individual, that work and strive every day for an American ideal.  We are the ones who believe in an American nation in which we can be free from oppression and an abusive government.  We are the ones that believe that if you work hard enough, that life will be good and that you will have what you need.  We are, each an every one, an individual citizen and a part of the whole of the United States of America.

That’s where we’re at.



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