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On Freedom,

Freedom cuts both ways. It is not just for straight, white men. Nothing could be more ridiculous. While straight white men have the freedom to be contemptible retches, everyone has equal freedom to be the same to them. Everyone also has the freedom to turn the other cheek. More to the point: just because someone has the ability and the legal right to do something does not mean that they should nor that they will.


Think about it: we all have the right and freedom to bang our heads violently against a wall. Does that mean we do? No it doesn’t; but sometimes we succumb to the urge when we read irritating articles about libertarianism laced with straw-men. But that’s okay, because indenting walls with one’s forehead only affects the headbanger in question, so why should the government have the right to use force to prevent the headbanging?


Here is what freedom does not mean: it does not mean one has the freedom to physically harm someone else, nor does freedom mean one has the freedom to force someone else to do anything. Before either of those two things can happen, another individual or group of individuals must voluntarily and willingly enter into a contract with the other party. If I want to be chained to a bed and violently beaten, great. As long as someone else is willing to administer the beating (and there is doubtless a long line of people who would), then I may be violently beaten. But if someone simply comes up to me on the street and punches me right across the chin, that is a violation of my freedom.


Actions have consequences. If you make bad decisions, you must face the consequences that come with them. If you bring a child into the world, you have the responsibility to support it. If you run your business poorly and go bankrupt, you have the responsibility to pay the debt. If you treat people horribly, do not be surprised when no one wants anything to do with you.



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