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In 2009, we had a troop surge. By 2009, the only objective we had was nation building, the one thing we agreed we should avoid at all costs twelve years ago. Now, in 2013, our nation building efforts having completely and utterly failed, we say we are going to leave at the end of 2014, having accomplished nothing (other than killing a bunch of scumbag Taliban/Al-Qaeda guys who are easily replaced; not to mention the 2,000+ American lives squandered, along with untold trillions of dollars). So now we are in the position where we have failed in our objectives and we don’t want to make the commitment in time, money, and blood to achieve them; yet we aren’t leaving immediately. Which means that American soldiers will die for nothing. And yet no one seems to have any interest in averting this easily avoided tragedy.

If we are going to leave at the end of 2014, we might as well leave tomorrow because a year and a half won’t make one shred of difference in the eventual outcome if twelve years didn’t. Kabul in 2015 will be Saigon in 1975 all over again. Only this time, nobody in America will care, and that is the real tragedy. Our enemies, however, will not fail to notice.



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