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What now?

First off, let me say that it is good to be back. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted on this blog, and I promise to keep my rants and rumblings going more often now, even if they end up being a little shorter than they normally are. So here we go, back into the wonderful world of politics. I know that a lot has happened since the last time that I actually submitted a post , but I’m just going to start from where we’re currently at instead of going back and reviewing.

For the most part, I think that, as our Dictator in Chief likes to say, “the American people” would agree that our government is currently in a state of disarray. Having just come off of a shutdown situation, they have effectively botched the initial launch of the ACA website and are now having to deal with that along with an even bigger debt crisis than anything that we’ve seen before that is rapidly worsening as well as problems abroad that require our undivided attention because of the choices that we have made that have led us to this point.

The first thing that I ask myself after reviewing where we’re at as an American nation is what now? What is there for us to do moving forward that can improve our situation and can get us to start to change our momentum in the positive direction?

Our government cannot exist in its current state and fully fulfill the needs of the people that it is supposed to be serving instead of restricting. The men and women that have been elected by the public to be representatives of a specific body of people have given into the temptation to follow their party instead of their people in more cases than not, and this has lead to a slow and painful deterioration of the America political system, and now we have arrived at the present time, where we find ourselves crushed under debt and under possible threats from abroad, and we seem to have no clear solution to the problem that has been eating us for so long now.

Those in government have shown to us time and time again that they are incapable of cooperating with each other in order to get something done. We have pleaded with them and gone on rampages and marches and protests and just about everything else. It’s time that we as pan America people take a stand against the influence of party politics and engage ourselves so that we can make the rational choice that is right for us in the end instead of just reelecting old incumbents that bring nothing to the table but empty promises and overstuffed wallets.

During this next election cycle, we have to take a stand and make sure that we send the right people to Washington so that we can fix this mess once and for all instead of letting it get much worse than it already has. We must, as an American people, come together and make decisions on our own to ensure that our future is secure instead of relying on those that have proven that their main interest is not in the wellbeing and welfare of the general public, but in themselves and making sure that their job as a career politician is secure so that they can keep on living the life that they have for so long (way too long in some cases). Without this, there can be no victory for the American populace and the problems that we see tearing our country apart today will remain and will continue to, with growing intensity, tear at the very fabric of this nation until there is no foundation left on which to keep building.



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