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A commentary on political commercials

So back during the Winter Olympics, I was sitting down watching the them minding my own business when suddenly I’m viewing yet another political advertisement.  When the commercial was over, I had to sit there and collect my thoughts for a second, considering that I had just seen something that, in my opinion, told me absolutely nothing specific about the candidate in question.  This seems to be the norm nowadays, with candidates creating commercials that focus on their values and trying to connect with specific voter groups rather than outlining their plans for what exactly they plan to do while in office.

This generalistic approach is not an outcome of an executive decision of the campaign manager, but rather a response to successful campaigns that have passed in prior years.  More and more candidates have resorted to these tactics that move to connect with their prospective constituents on a more personal level rather than trying to outline a plan for their term of office that can be condensed to 30 seconds or less.  Our attention spans have shortened over time with the introduction of mass media, instant communication, various social outlets and the like, and therefore our representatives have had to resort to methods that make it easier for us to digest a message within a very short amount of time.

The particular commercial that I saw was composed of dramatic images of the candidate saying that he is a praying man, that he is opposed to the “Obama agenda”, and that he loves gun rights and stuff like that.  Pretty much the stereotypical candidate from my particular area in Texas.  The sad thing is, most people that see that commercial won’t dig any deeper and actually go through his social media outlets or other means of contacting him and ask him some more specific questions about what EXACTLY he plans to do while serving as a representative in Austin.

We The People love to complain about our representative bodies.  Whenever something that the government organized goes wrong, we love to point the finger at those who enacted the unsavory legislation.  For once, just once, imagine that we pointed the finger back at the people who elected those representatives in the first place.  We as citizens of the United States have a duty as members of our own world to make sure that those that we are electing into positions of power are going to follow through on their promises that they make to us while on the campaign trail, and even more importantly that those elected will “support and defend the Constitution”.  We have a responsibility to make sure that if our representatives DO NOT follow through on their promises and cannot convince us that they deserve a second chance, that we vote them out in the next election and find someone new that can do the job correctly.



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