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The 4 Pillars of Modern Leftism

  1. Identity
  2. Emotion
  3. The Collective>The Individual
  4. Justice

Identity: Liberals live not in a world of ideas but in a world of identity. Ideas still exist, but all ideas are products of identity. If you believe the poor benefit from a free market, that is only because you identify as a rich(er) person, or you have been bought off by the moneyed elites. Rather than support the rights of all persons to be protected from government molestation, liberals believe that certain categories of people deserve special government protections from their fellow citizens (a liberal’s definition of a “right”), hence the emphasis and campaigns for “gay rights”, “women’s rights”, “(racial/ethnic) minority rights”. “No person is illegal!” a liberal will often cry when discussing our illegal immigration problem in the US, implying that the mere identity of someone as either 1)a human being or 2)a non-white non-American makes them irreproachable for having violated the laws of the country they wish to live in.

For the record, I do not support denying the rights of any of the above groups; I merely think that they will have to make-do with general rights that everyone has, like life, liberty, property, etc. However, this position I have taken is lazily assumed by liberals to mean I am anti gay-rights when I merely think any group-specific rights are superfluous and duplicitous. Put another way, liberals believe that anyone who is not pro-gay is automatically anti-gay. The idea that someone could believe in rights for everyone and not just specific groups is impossible, apparently, for liberals to understand. Liberals also believe that rights are things which must be paid for by taxpayers; i.e. that the ‘right to abortion’ means that abortions must be paid for by taxpayers by default.

Emotion: almost all Liberal arguments are not based on logic or empiricism (what works), but instead rests on good intentions and emotional appeals (what feels good). Hence the characteristically liberal statements like “No one can afford X, Y, or Z on the minimum wage, therefore we must raise it, NOW!” They never stop to think about what the purpose of the minimum wage is or why there are plenty of sound economic arguments against it being raised (or, for that matter, why the minimum wage shouldn’t exist at all).

In the mind of the liberal, good intentions automatically equate to good results. Almost all liberal policy decisions are driven by and based on emotion. “There are 30 million Americans without health care coverage, therefore we must do something!” and that something will be a massive overhaul of the entire American healthcare coverage system affecting all Americans, not just the ones without health coverage (and liberals choose to ignore that the 30 million largely comprise people who are either voluntarily without health coverage, are eligible for existing govt. healthcare programs, or are illegal aliens). “No person is illegal” also fits in with this category, as it places the emotion of empathy over the logic of facts (the logic being that unrestricted immigration from a third-world country into a first-world country with an advanced welfare state will cause countless budgetary strains, to say nothing of the cultural difficulties of allowing millions of non-English speakers to enter an English-speaking country and then providing few good reasons and little pressure to assimilate).

Justice: of course who could oppose justice? Well, a leftist defines justice a little differently than most probably would. To most people, justice is something that happens after a crime has been committed; an individual has been wronged. While leftists would say that a crime has been committed when they bring up justice, it’s slavery, repression of gays, and white male oppression generally top the list of crimes they compile. While all the “crimes” leftists are wont to mention are terrible or at the very least unfortunate, almost all are things that happened in the past (often the distant past) and are usually very vague. Likewise, their concepts of justice are very vague and usually involve large transfers of money from one group to another to somehow right past wrongs. Liberals must have had terrible mothers, because apparently they were never told that “life isn’t fair” (hence some people will have more money than you) and that “two wrongs don’t make a right”. It seems that to a liberal, “justice” is simply an excuse to avoid responsibility. You can’t hold African-Americans responsible for their various problems; it was the injustice of slavery that did that to them! Never mind that slavery ended 150 years ago…While I will be the first to say that history continues to affect the present (please see Crimean Peninsula, the Middle East, and Sino-Japanese Relations), the idea that people, individuals, are chained to their problems by the bonds of history is ludicrous, especially in America. Justice my ass; if you’re a minority in America, the only thing holding you back in this day and age is yourself. Sure, you might have an especially tough situation, but human beings have been overcoming tough situations for millennia. You can too.

Although Gandhi never said it, it is still a good quote to live by: be the change you wish to see in the world. If you’re growing up in a bad situation, lead by example and reform the people around you by living a life worth living. Just know that Liberals and Progressives are full of shit. It’s the only thing they’ve got to fill up their empty arguments.



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