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Am I on a list?

I often find myself asking this question when thinking about the things that I post online.  I have libertarian viewpoints, which obviously point to a distrust of government and a desire to have the size of the government reduced drastically.  The fact is, those in power do not like those who have a problem with authority.  I will admit that I do not like the fact that I have people who take money that I earn and waste it, monitor the things that I do online, take liberties away from me at will, and so on and so forth; but that does not mean that I will revolt agains the government.

I have advocated for revolt on here before.  I have said that it might be the only way that we can save our country from imploding.  I have even stated that the time for revolt might be close.  Nonviolent rebellion –  as odd as that sounds – is still not out of the question for me.  But does that mean that I should be placed on a list somewhere in the NSA database as a potential anarchist or someone who could possibly be a problem for the government in the near future?

I have no intention of killing anyone.  I have never posed an immediate threat to those in power other than the fact that I have posted my opinions online, and yet I have this feeling that I’m on a list somewhere.  Maybe it’s my distrust of the system.  Maybe I’m just paranoid.  I haven’t noticed any sort of change in my surroundings lately, but the things that I’ve seen happen in the government over the past couple years have started to make me a little more wary of the possibility that we might actually turn toward a police state very quickly.  Our governments have all the technology in place to make sure that they can keep tabs on every single citizen in the country at any given time, and the more they start to regulate what people can and cannot do, the more they start to move toward being able to change the face of our nation overnight.

That being said, I honestly don’t think that we will see something like that happen with this administration.  President Obama isn’t smart enough to want to take over the entire nation overnight and control the population because he knows that with his prior record, that would not stand for one second.  Even his supporters are starting to turn on him.  However, the individual that I’m most worried about is Hillary.  If she starts to make moves toward running in 2016, then we could be in for some real trouble.

She’s ruthless.  She’s cold.  She’s calculating.  She will do anything that it takes to get ahead and to make sure that she has the exact amount of control and power that she wants in any given situation.  I think that she did a great job as Secretary of State just because she was intimidating.  She walks into a room and instantly garners the respect of everyone in it.  I have a feeling that this might factor into future proceedings when and if she walks into the White House and has the capability to take control of the United States of America in one push of a button.

She must be held in check.  And now I’m definitely on a list.



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