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ISIS Part II: Let’s Get The Bastards!

There is a part of me, the red-blooded, General George S. Patton, fire-breathing, flag waving All-American part of me, that says “ISIS wants to have an all out fight with the West, the Jews, the Shi’ites, the Kurds, the Christians, the Arabs and Sunnis whom they happen not to like, and just about everyone else who isn’t already under their jackboot. I say we give them exactly what they want. They want the mother of all battles? Let them have it, because that is the fight we can win.”

Certainly, watching videos of victorious, vainglorious ISIS fighters proudly parading around in their Toyotas executing people left and right and ushering in their Reign of Terror in the name of Allah curdles my blood. There is something revolting about seeing these ISIS guys so happy, so proud of themselves, so content with what they have accomplished. Seeing the face of evil grinning gives me a strong urge to wipe it off their faces with a fist. An M16 would do nicely too.

As if the emotional, good vs. evil aspect weren’t enough, there is the ever present factor of oil. ISIS need not start roaming through American or European streets to be dangerous. Merely by threatening, let alone actually seizing, the Iraqi oil fields, ISIS has a ripple effect on the world energy market. As much as we may wish otherwise, the world runs on petroleum and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If the price of oil rises rapidly for any length of time, the already fragile world economy might just plunge into another deep recession or possibly even a depression.

That is the argument for action: that these bastards are the vilest of evil, that they will not stop unless we stop them ourselves, and until they are stopped they will do everything in their power to bring our world crashing down around us. It’s good vs. evil, and for the first time in a long time, there’s no question about which side is which. That is something that resonates strongly and easily. If we strike now, we might be able to wipe them out quickly and without too much pain. We have allies, potentially strong ones, and ISIS is still new to this game. One sharp blow and they may fall apart entirely. If we wait, it will only grant them more time to arm themselves, secure their finances, find more fanatical volunteers, and breed a new generation either conditioned in fanaticism or conditioned to submission under ISIS.



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