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The Man Behind the Curtain

It pains me to watch, via live-stream, the nation that I call home descend so quickly into ignorance and blind rage over something that should be solely regarded as a horrible tragedy, all because of the shameless baiting of a mainstream media that seems to only be focused on perpetuating falsities and stoking a fire that should have been put out at the very start of the investigation surrounding the death of Michael Brown.

As Robert McCulloch, the prosecuting attorney for St. Louis County, MO, fielded questions after he released the statement yesterday that Darren Wilson was not going to be indicted, reporters tried time and time again to bait him into saying something racially charged, in an effort to change the entire conversation surrounding what he had just said.  After being extremely honest and direct during his initial address (something that God only knows we need in this country: someone to tell us to wake up and stop listening to social media and irrational news networks that blew this entire situation out of proportion before the investigation had even begun) the reporters who were sitting in the audience immediately began to attempt to change the subject to race, which McCulloch adamantly and skillfully countered with each response.

The problem here is the underlying motivations that our government is starting to show.  A man was killed, and that is not to be ignored; but there is something much larger than Michael Brown’s death going on within our nation.  Things like this get sensationalized by the mainstream media all the time.  For a while, they tried to make the majority of the argument surround the question of “gun rights,” which honestly shouldn’t be a question at all.  The fact that Michael Brown was black and Darren Wilson was white opened up all sorts of doors for the media to try and twist the story, make it more dramatic, draw people in, and start to build tensions as it always tries to do nowadays.  The information that was being fed through the pipeline, whether it was network news or social media, was constantly being designed to keep the attention on the incident that happened in Ferguson rather than on other things that are much more important to the advancement and the recovery of the United States of America.

With the trial being over, the only thing left for those people to do that have been–somewhat peacefully–protesting this whole time but to riot.  Why wouldn’t they?  This is all about race, isn’t it?  Isn’t racism something to riot about?  If a black cop had killed a white kid, nobody would say anything.  But because it was the other way around, this is now a national news story that received, at times, twenty-four hour news coverage regardless of whether or not something was actually happening.

The government now has a reason to move in and start to create the police state that they have always longed for.  In President Obama’s address following the news that there would not be an indictment was chilling to say the least.  He had just BLATANTLY ignored the Constitution the day before with his executive order that granted amnesty for thousands of illegal immigrants, and yet got on national television to tell the millions of serfs under his absolute control not to break the law or to cause damage to people or property.  That was just the beginning.  He then proceeded to explain how he was formulating plans to send Eric Holder around telling police departments, both state and local, how they should reform their ways.  While this may not sound like much, that’s what scares me.  It’s vague.  It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and for things to be brought out of it that something that was stated specifically just wouldn’t leave room for.

I am in no way trying to diminish the fact that a man died in Ferguson back in August.  I am not denying that Michael Brown was shot multiple times by Darren Wilson, and that his motives may not have been as pure as they should have been.  My heart goes out to the Brown and the Wilson family, and I hope and pray that this tragedy can bring some sort of healing elsewhere, if not in Ferguson and St. Louis.

However, the physical evidence, coupled with witness testimony compared against the physical evidence, did not produce enough substantive information with which the grand jury could charge Wilson with committing a crime.  That’s it.  It’s done.  The feds have it now.  What we should do, as a nation, is learn from this and better ourselves and those around us.  We can’t resort to violence and we can’t allow the media to continue to lie to us and make us believe things that aren’t true, just so they can get a rise out of the populace.  By getting people to riot, the media in turn furthers the government’s end-goal, which is to see us all in chains and at the mercy of the proclamations of Washington.  Obama has already shown that he will bypass every check and balance that the Constitution is meant to uphold, so we can’t rely on him to make the right decision.  We must realize what is going on here, and stop allowing it to happen.



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