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General Principles

Anyone who enters the arena of politics must have principles. Although a pure observer of political events can operate without them, for someone to comment on the grander scope of politics and the nature of government, they must have some general, overarching, guiding principles. The authors of this blog have their own principles which they try their best to adhere to when advocating for their beliefs and when commenting on events and ideas. Those principles are postulated here.
1. Freedom is the most essential value to uphold.
A government and a society must always choose certain values they wish to promote over others, as well as choose which values they wish to hold at all. I believe that of all the potential values, freedom is the most desirable as well as one of the most fragile.

2. The duty of government is limited.
A government not only is limited in what it can do, but it is limited in what it should do. This is important because modern liberals increasingly seem to believe that government should have unlimited duties and responsibilities and the only thing stopping them from implementing this is the practical reality that it would be exceptionally difficult to establish and even more difficult to make it work correctly, let alone well. I believe that government’s roles, responsibilities, and duties are extremely limited. I further believe that any role the government takes upon itself outside its core responsibilities will not only be poorly done, but will also diminish the government’s abilities to properly execute its core responsibilities.

3. The government cannot do most things well.
In almost every single undertaking upon which the US federal government has embarked, it has failed. Be it the Post Office, AMTRAK, Welfare, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, or the countless other programs proliferated from government bureaus, they all share a few commonalities: enormous cost, limited effectiveness in achieving their stated goals if not outright failure, and (in many cases) government has actually caused harm to some or many (please see the War on Drugs).



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