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Personally, I don’t give a damn what color someone’s skin is. So long as the values of America (freedom, liberty, individual responsibility, hard work, striving for achievement and success, equality, mutual tolerance, etc.) are embraced by those who come here, I have no problem with where they come from.

To use an example I think everyone will agree with: if, after the Apartheid Regime in South Africa fell, a bunch of white Afrikaners moved to California hoping to establish a new apartheid regime, I would oppose their presence because their values do not reflect what America’s values should be, despite the fact that they are white. Similarly, if millions of Chinese mainlanders came to California here hoping to establish a Maoist regime, I would oppose them as well. That has not happened, however, mostly because immigrants greatly appreciate the American Way (hence why they came here in the first place), and I would say immigrants generally appreciate America for what it is more than many natural born Americans do.



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