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Voter ID Laws

In brief: I am in favor of voter ID Laws.


Voter ID laws have become the bane of Liberals of late. They cry foul that to require a photo ID to vote is tantamount to a Jim Crow law. Funny, then, that they don’t say the same thing about requiring not only an ID to buy a gun, but a background check as well.

I mean come on. If going down to the DMV and presenting some sort of proof of person like a passport or birth certificate to get a free ID is somehow racist, surely requiring a background check to buy a gun is racist, since many more black people are convicted felons than white people. And we have as much a right to keep and bear arms as we do to vote. This should be a no brainer really. If we are a democracy, as Liberals often wrongly assert, then votes are much more dangerous than guns. Guns only kill people; votes kill nations.

The funniest thing about this whole kerfuffle over voter IDs (and it is funny), is that we are required by law to carry IDs with us in public at all times, we have to show an ID to buy alcohol or tobacco or lottery tickets, we have to show an ID whenever we are stopped by an officer of the law (regardless of whether we are in a car or not), we have to show an ID to see an R rated movie or gamble at a casino, and, as I said, we have to show an ID to buy a gun. Liberals don’t have a problem with any of these things, and yet, when it is suggested voting ID requirements match the requirements of everything else in life itself, they say it is unconstitutional.

The question of whether we have the right to be anonymous in our public transactions has already been asked and answered. The answer is a loud and resolute ‘no’. Whether this is good or bad has not been discussed, but the matter has nevertheless been settled.

Then there are the other simultaneously funny and tragic aspects of this faux-debate. I call it a faux-debate because this really is a matter of common sense: the vast majority (I’d bet upwards of 90%) of Americans would not only say that IDs should be required, the vast majority would assume that ID is already required.

One such aspect is that it is unimaginable to most Americans to be without any form of ID and simply ridiculous to be unable to acquire any form of ID. Who among us is so completely destitute that they have no means whatsoever of proving who they are? And of those few people, how many of them vote? So few it is laughable, yet the fact that Liberals are saying they exist makes it tragic.

Liberals also say that voter ID laws just aren’t necessary. Ditto then the requirements for ID to buy guns, alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets? Didn’t think so. Again, hilarious and tragic.

They posit that documented cases of voter fraud are virtually non-existent. Well duh. How could you document something like voter fraud?

A man goes to a polling place and says he is registered to vote and that his name is John Smith. Surprise, surprise, there is a John Smith on the rolls. If that man is never asked to verify he is indeed John Smith, how would we ever know he wasn’t?

It would be comparable to a man who leaves his front door wide open at night because he says no one has ever broken in. If he is asleep in bed all night, how would he ever know otherwise? Something would have to be stolen.

We come now to the reason why Liberals (and Democrats) hate voter ID laws. They would claim that by implementing voter ID laws, Republicans are subverting democracy. And yet it is the Liberals and the Democrats who are subverting democracy.

They oppose voter ID laws because they would prevent illegal aliens from voting. Democrats have long been seen as the champion of illegal aliens’ rights and are also seen as the party of amnesty, something illegal aliens generally desire. However, since illegal aliens aren’t citizens, they are ineligible to vote. Says who? The Constitution. It’s not exactly a fascist idea to make citizenship a requirement to vote. Hell, even socialist Sweden requires you to be a citizen to vote. But with no requirements to prove a potential voter is in fact a citizen, who’s to stop them from voting?

The theory is that by allowing illegal aliens the unofficial ability to vote, Democrats can begin to permanently gain power by causing a demographic shift in the country. I really don’t care what skin color the majority of the country is, but if the new majority doesn’t speak English and came directly from a third world country, I might have one or two objections. This is why I wish we had an immigration problem with Canada; at least then we could have an honest discussion about this in the open without the politics of race muddying the waters. And no, that last item was not a racial remark.

So Democrats oppose common sense policies which mirror the policies of just about every other significant activity because it foils their plot to gain power by way of importing a permanent underclass of third world people to the country and allowing them to vote, and yet we’re supposed to believe that the Republicans are the ones subverting democracy? Puh-lease.



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  1. Dayllan Maar says:

    Puh-lease…. Really Spencer haha that was the perfect ending…

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